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Peak District Walks
Peak District Walks

Peak District Walks

Walks in the Peak District

A collection of Peak District walks highlighting the history and culture of the Peak District. Take a walk through the Peak District with me, and find out for yourselves.

peak district walks

Peak District Walks, The Great Ridge between Castleton and Edale from Lord's Seat
The Peak District is famous, in the UK, as walking country. The Peak District has hosted industry for as long as man has recognised the value of rocks. The Peak District is full of old tales of mystical beasts and strange apparitions. All of the peoples who have inhabited the Peak District, and their religions, have left their marks on the Peak District throughout history, with some customs still surviving.

These series of walks are an attempt to show off some of these characteristics of the Peak District, by walking through its remains, and highlighting what the walker will see.

Andrew Nimmo
Peak District Walks

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